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2018 High School Football Preview: Christmas in August
Welcome to the 2018 football season. And since I’m technically typing this in July, things feel weird. This year’s mid-August start is new for everyone, and it’s been adjustment for all. Not just overworked editors grumbling about how their summer has never been shorter. In all honestly, it’s hard... Read more
Transfer Of Power: SoCal High School Football Superteams
Athletically Motivated Transfers Have Birthed SoCal Football Superteams While NorCal Has Remained Largely Unaffected If there is one massive difference between Northern California high school football and Southern California in the last few years, you can say it in one word: transfers. As a reaction to the CIF changing... Read more
Being Great Starts When You Believe That YOU CAN
An advantage my daughters had when they played sports was that my wife and I competed in college sports. So we always worked on their athletic mindset to prepare them for competition. We always told them that being great starts when you believe that YOU CAN! This week I asked... Read more
4 Step Formula: Being Ready To Be A College Athlete
If your kid is a mature teenager or young adult already in college, this will be really relevant to you. Have you ever wanted to know the secret formula to get a confident kid (person)? Are you ready to go way deep into the mind of an up-and-coming competitor? I’ve blogged about several... Read more
Five Signs of a Sports Parent You Don’t Want to Become
In my last blog post, I addressed the 7 Attributes of Peak Performance. Today we’ll make a point of addressing the sports parent; specifically what I call, The Parent Role in Sports. Specifically, the parent you DON’T want to become. Lets start with signs and ideas on what you want, and... Read more
5 Tips To Proper Recovery Following Training, Practice, Games
Training Time: Road to Recovery Tips To Proper Recovery. Without sound recovery practices it’s only a matter of time before you find your performance suffering, yourself injured or suffering from over-training. Maybe you hate stretching, don’t have time to foam roll or sleep eight hours. My response to all those excuses... Read more
Exclusive: Want Your Kids to Learn Self-Motivation?
Follow through and commitment? How about achieving their goals? In our ongoing dialogue about self-motivation, how do you motivate your kid to want to do what it takes to achieve their goals? It’s a big question, isn’t it? You can only remind them so many times before it sounds... Read more
Heels of Winter Olympics, Figure Skaters Head to Roseville
Figure Skaters from Across the Nation Arrive in Roseville for the Gold Rush Dance and Showcase on Ice, March 17-18 at Skatetown Ice Arena. Figure Skaters: Capital City Figure Skating Club (CCFSC) and Placer Valley Tourism are gearing up for the Gold Rush Dance and Showcase Ice figure skaters competition taking... Read more
Arsen Aleksanyan to Lead NAIA Wrestling Program
NAIA Wrestling is On Fire With Aleksanyan Leading NAIA Wrestling Program at Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California. Since the early 1980s, the sport of wrestling has seen a significant decline in the number of programs offered at the collegiate level. More specifically at the NCAA Division I... Read more
50 Synchro Swimmers Advance At US National Team Trials
 California Swim Dynasty: State athletes dominate as fifty elite synchronized swimmers from across the U.S. (21 of them Californians) advanced to the third and final phase of two national team trials this past weekend at the Town of Tonawanda, NY Aquatic and Fitness Center. The athletes are vying for... Read more
USYF Northern California Regional Championships
As most of us know, Futsal is much more than just indoor soccer! It is a 5v5 small-sided soccer game that is played across the globe. Futsal requires a hard surface, basketball sized court with no walls — just touchline boundaries making it a very exciting, fast-paced game for... Read more
Nutrition’s Clean 15
Have you heard of nutrition’s “Clean 15”? Most athletes know that fruits and vegetables contain key nutrients to help them grow, recover and stay healthy. Produce has a high water content that helps keep athletes hydrated Also many are rich in carbohydrates which are great choices for pre-workout meals,... Read more