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Best Workout Leggings For High School Athletes
Studies suggest that having new workout gear can help boost motivation to hit the gym, track, court or field. And when it comes to the best workout leggings, high school athletes want both fashion and function when comes to buying a new pair. We are talking about pockets for... Read more
Stretch Your Limits: How To Improve Flexibility For Cheerleading
Cheerleading is a sport that requires lots of flexibility. It’s needed for performing stunts, jumps, and routines with precision and grace. It also is required to be able to split or do a backbend for routines. Improving flexibility can take your cheerleading skills to the next level.  Flexibility refers... Read more
Competitive Cheer: Aiming For New Heights Under CIF
Traditional Competitive Cheer And Its Acrobatic Form, Stunt, Both Gain Boosts From CIF Recognition — Woodcreek High Eyes Second State Stunt Crown • Her arms outstretched, Woodcreek High competitive cheer athlete Alyssa Guillen bent her knees and dropped to the bottom of the pyramid, bracing for a millisecond against... Read more