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Grant Fisher Sets 5K Meet Record At Olympic Trials—And Doubles With 10k Win
Grant Fisher was the first American track and field athlete to advance to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics at the U.S. Olympic Trials held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. He then went on to set the meet record nine days later in the 5k. Fisher competed on... Read more
Cardio Workouts For Hot Weather To Build Endurance
As summer temperatures rise, high school athletes face the challenge of maintaining their fitness levels while staying safe in the heat. Endurance training is crucial for any athlete, as it boosts cardiovascular health, enhances performance, and builds mental toughness. However, high-intensity workouts in the hot, summer weather increase to... Read more
These Workout Ideas Will Help You To Train Like An Olympian
Training like an Olympian requires dedication, discipline, and a well-rounded approach to fitness. Youth athletes, with their growing bodies and growing talents, can benefit immensely from adopting exercises that mimic the training regimens of elite athletes. Here’s a guide on workout ideas and exercises youth athletes can do to... Read more
Peloton Launches 10 New Classes For Global Running Day 2024
June 5, 2024, is the day to go for a run. And Peloton is joining in on the action with a total of ten classes including two live options. Peloton was originally known for its indoor spin bike. However, it’s expanded with its extensive library of classes including strength... Read more
Gear Up For Global Running Day With These Products
Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 5, and runners across the globe will celebrate their love and passion for the sport and get out of log some miles. To prepare for the running holiday, having the essential running gear is a must. This includes everything from running sneakers to... Read more
RRAC Summer Camp Helps Running Goal Of Going Pro

The Road Runners Club of America is set to help runners take one step closer to going pro. Help by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), the Run Pro Camp takes place July 11 to July 13, 2024, in Arlington, Virginia. The RunPro summer camp will educate runners... Read more
These Are The Best Sports To Help Runners With Endurance
Track and field season is coming to a close but runners know that the dedication to the sport continues post-track season. Not going for a run for many runners is just not an option. While all runners need to do is lace up and hit the pavement, track, or... Read more
Best Running Shorts For Male Athletes
When it comes to running shorts, young men need a pair that will last in the long haul. We’re talking about a comfortable pair for both short sprints and when clocking some mileage. A good pair of running shorts for male athletes needs to be breathable and moisture-wicking to keep the runner cool. While fit... Read more
20-Seconds Sprint Intervals Improve Muscle Performance

A new study found that 20-second of sprint intervals are more effective and beneficial to performance and shorter intervals.

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Elite Runners To Compete In L.A. For 2024 Track Fest
Spectators get the chance to cheer on elite runners on May 11 at the 2024 Sound Running Track Fest at Jack Kemp Stadium in L.A. The lineup of athletes competing includes Rio Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Centrowitz in the Men’s 800m, World Indoor Medalists Nikki Hiltz and Emily Mackay... Read more
Navigating the Track: Running Spikes vs Running Sneakers
As a young athlete, the running sneakers you choose can significantly impact your performance on the track. Then there is the debate between running spikes vs running sneakers. Each option offers distinct advantages and considerations. This is why athletes must understand the differences before lacing up. These pros and cons... Read more
Top Running Gear Every Athlete Needs
Running track or cross country is one of the sports that require very little equipment. At the very least, runners need good quality sneakers to prevent injury and help with foot strike.  However, athletes know that there are loads of running gear on the market that claim to help performance and aid in recovery. To stay on top of your game, some... Read more