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20-Seconds Sprint Intervals Improve Muscle Performance

A new study found that 20-second of sprint intervals are more effective and beneficial to performance and shorter intervals.

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Master Your Martial Arts: 5 Top Tips for Skill Improvement
Martial arts is a discipline that requires control over the body and mind. It requires coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength to power through explosive movements. Mastering martial arts skills is not just a goal; it’s a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and continuous improvement. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned karate kid, there’s... Read more
How To Increase Endurance To Maximize Performance
Athletes know that endurance is key to excelling in their sport. Whether running the soccer field, dominating the basketball court, or powering through a lacrosse game, stamina is needed to be able to perform. But how can athletes increase endurance to maximize performance to take athletic performance to the next level? There are a... Read more
Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 1: Armed & Ready
In The Debut Episode Of Our New Ask-The-Expert Podcast, We Talk Arm Safety And Injury Prevention With Dr. Charles Preston • For the show’s first episode, one of the East Bay’s most renowned sports medicine practitioners as Dr. Charles Preston joins the show.  Dr. Preston is the head team... Read more
5 Tips To Proper Recovery Following Training, Practice, Games
Training Time: Road to Recovery Tips To Proper Recovery. Without sound recovery practices it’s only a matter of time before you find your performance suffering, yourself injured or suffering from over-training. Maybe you hate stretching, don’t have time to foam roll or sleep eight hours. My response to all those excuses... Read more
BEST Camps, Clinics & Combines Report
YOUR ULTIMATE SPRING & SUMMER TRAINING GUIDE IS HERE It’s baaaaaack and it’s BIG! Our Annual Camps, Clinics & Combines Resource Guide turns 8 this year. It’s all grown up and we’re so proud of it. All kidding aside, this is something we’re proud to put out every year. We... Read more
Training Time: Top Reasons In-Season Training is Vital
In-Season Training is vital. And that is why high school athletes who are in-season must budget their time extremely well. For most competitive athletes, the time and energy commitment needed to succeed in their chosen sport is very intense and time consuming. Many athletes quickly assume they will not... Read more